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Brown Cow Productions - Parade of Characters

"Zugio & The Sunshine Kidz"

'Zugio" is the brain-child of Towry Jordan Bernard who wanted to create a DVD that teaches kids to eat healthy, exercise and make thoughtful decisions. We were introduced by a mutual friend, and after a great initial meeting, we agreed to work together to make this dream a reality. She came to the table with a giant multi-color zebra suit (made by the same costume maker that created "Barney"), a great theme song, an outline & boundless energy...Not to mention being the Executive Producer and having to pay for everything.

My jobs on this production were numerous, and would test every aspect of my creative ability. Some of my responsibilities included: Producer, Director, writing the script, storyboard artist, character design, creating all of the art for animation, writing and directing the animation, and doing all the voices for the animation.

I am grateful to Towry for the opportunity to work on Zugio as well as grateful to the other members of the Zugio team including Marie Jordan, Adam Bernard, & animator/editor Beau Morris to name just a few. I am very proud of the finished product, and hope that children all over the world can be inspired by it's message.

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Texas Trail of Fame Interviews

Nolan Ryan - Interview:
On occasion, I get to work with the people who run the Texas Trail of Fame in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. On one of these occasions, I was called the night before and asked if I could interview the Trail of Fame's newest member that year...Nolan Ryan. My friend who was supposed to interview him, was stuck in San Francisco and needed my help. So that next morning, I coach my son's flag football game, throw on a suit, and my wife and I head to Fort Worth to visit with my favorite baseball player of all time. Here is a brief clip from that interview.

Cleo Hern - Interview

Feature Film - After Sundown
Back in 2006, I was asked to direct and act in a horror/thriller feature film that was eventually distributed internationally. It was a great experience, and I am most proud of the Original Edit (there are a few copies still out there somewhere) that me my friend Director of Photography David Pinkston put together that premiered at Billy Bob's Texas. It was very well received and eventually got the attention of the eventual distributor Lion's Gate. After that, the film was turned over to some other people who made changes to the final edit before it would get to Lion's Gate and the result is what's in the video stores today. Because of these changes, I would not recommend renting this film... But it was great fun, and I got to work with some interesting and talented people along the way. Here are some images from that experience.
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